Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spring Break Continued

Ok, it's official, I am a PROCRASTINATOR. I have been on Spring Break for nearly a week, {tomorrow is the last day :( } and I haven't finished my History homework, looked at any of my projects (I have two, math project and career project). I have however, finished my math homework so that is a definite +. Anyways, my bedroom is a disaster and I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING over this past Spring Break. I also feel that this was a very productive rant and rave by beefjerkyblogger. Ciao for now! 

(actually, not ciao because I have one other thing to say, most blogs end each post with a saying or a motto if you will, so I will start ending my posts with one too.) 

(how about...)

Stay Lovely (this isn't so good, but until I can think of a better one, deal with it. :O )



SAMMY WHAMMY ! said...

how bout.. stay gold. you know.. from the outsiders?

Oysterblogger said...

will u post ever again?