Monday, 30 June 2008

Finally a new post!!

Yah I am finally posting again but I can't remember what purple I posted in. Hopefully this is the right one. Anyways, I have been on vacation. I went to Club Med Cancun. I had so much fun except on the last day when we were leaving, I started to get a bit sick. I have been sick for like the last few days so that delayed my posting even longer. Anyways, Club Med has so many activities to try. I tried kayaking, sailing, water skiing, trapeze (ahh! scary), aqua aerobics in the ocean, and I was in a dance production. For the dance production I had to memorize two dances in one hour. It was hard but it was fun. We were mermaids and pirates from Peter Pan. We also did a lot of swimming in the pool not so much the ocean. The resort has a private lagoon that they use especially for waterskiing (is that one word or two? hmmm I wonder). I will post some pictures of my trip later. As of now they aren't on the computer yet. Maybe I'll use the slideshow function if I can get it to work.

P.S. There are these HUGE iguanas at the resort. They just walk around everywhere. It's freaky. My dad says that he had a stuffed one when he was a kid. (like a used-to-be-alive-but-is-now-dead-and-stuffed-one.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bad Blogger Again

Ok I have been very bad with my posts. I haven't posted in 10 days. Yesterday, the 11th, I got out of school for summer vacation and went to Great America. I went with my friend who from now on will be called Poj (pronounced pozhj). We went to Great America and had a blast, we got kinda sick and soaked but it was fun. We did the go karts and I kept cutting her off until she passed me. Poj tried to drag me on the Endeavor (its one of those rides that is like a boat and it goes around in a circle and flips upside down), but I wouldn't go. Haha anyways we had fun.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Naughty Blogger I am!

What a naughty blogger I am! I haven't posted in a week. Please forgive me as I have been too busy with my china packet, my outsiders memorial eulogy, and my dragon project. Also, I have not had any good ideas for posts so when you comment, give me some ideas for new posts. Mb they will become future posts. You never know.