Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bad Blogger Again

Ok I have been very bad with my posts. I haven't posted in 10 days. Yesterday, the 11th, I got out of school for summer vacation and went to Great America. I went with my friend who from now on will be called Poj (pronounced pozhj). We went to Great America and had a blast, we got kinda sick and soaked but it was fun. We did the go karts and I kept cutting her off until she passed me. Poj tried to drag me on the Endeavor (its one of those rides that is like a boat and it goes around in a circle and flips upside down), but I wouldn't go. Haha anyways we had fun.


Tash said...

just take a few minutes every other day to post and think about what you can post about that will be interesting. We need some pictures you have a camera phone so just think about like Great America or whatever else would be cool I know I am bossy but I can nag you since you are slacking

Tash said...

time to get blogging...I am going to steal your song.

beef jerky blogger said...

haha ok sorry