Thursday, 31 July 2008

Overdoing It

Ok how do you like that I don't post for like 3 weeks, then I do 3 posts in one day. As my dad always says, "It's better to do 80% of the job 100% of the time than do 150% of it only 10% of the time. " Long story short, without the philosophy, don't overdo it. Or in other words, balance is key (also one of his philosophies). I will try to live by these philosophies when I am older, but until then, blog away!

Aww, how cute, I'm getting all poetic.


samsam said...

JONAS BROTHERS !!!! :] Did you go to the concert at shoreline? i wish i went :[

Tash said...

That is why I am a rabbit and wish to be a turtle
really a hare and wish to be a tortoise
people have told me all my life that I am inconsistent.
So there you have it the hare syndrome, sounds like you are suffering from it today too. Your dad is very right and he is also very inspirational because he is very consistent!!! Good Luck with your beef jerky and ps I prefer fresh jerky but jerky does keep for a long time and I have a feed reader now so I don't have to check blogs until I see that they have updated!