Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry I haven't written in a while (more like three weeks), but I have been really busy with volleyball camps. I've been exhausted and pained (is that a word?). I am in the process of letting my friend become a publisher but she is even more a slacker than I am (correct grammar? idk). Anyways, I also tried to get the cancun pics up again, but the computer like scheduled it or something, then it deleted itself. Long story short, I am to lazy to redo the page. We got a new copier, fax machine, scanner, so I might put some non-digital pics on. I have also discovered that my dad has 2 (that's two unopened) adobe photoshops so those might be used for pictures. I also got a webcam so now i can take random pics of myself. That was a lot of info, *wipes sweat off forehead* I think I will take a nap now. *laziness triumphs again*


Tash said...

If you need any tips on PS call me

Tash said...

I like your new background