Sunday, 9 November 2008

PTED-Post Traumatic Election Disorder Part 2

I am so exhausted, I think I have PTED (see above). I am so over all this election stuff. I have had enough until the next election. If you would like to see the original post about PTED, check out tash's blog post on PTED here:

Also, if you want to see what PTED feels like, here you are:


Tash said...

I bet all your friends love Barry (that was his whitish name growing up, when it wasn't cool to be Barack)...
cute cat.
ps I am really over it too despite the snide comment

beef jerky blogger said...

its a dog!!!

Tash said...

are you saying you look like me and you will never be pretty since you look like me therefore in a round about way you are sobbing because you have no wrinkles at this moment, and I am not pretty. Is that why you are sad?

think before you type
smart alec