Saturday, 8 November 2008


I won't get too hung up on the election, but I really feel that our country is falling into a deep, dark hole, and Barack Obama is just gonna keep digging. I really was hoping for McCain to win (although I'm not a huge Palin supporter) in order to help our country. My friends (who are mostly democrats) said that "John McCain is just too old", or "he'll die in office, do you really want Palin for President?" but the fact of the matter is, he is not that old. My Granddad is 87 years old, that is 15 YEARS OLDER THAN JOHN MCCAIN! and he doesn't show any signs of dying any time soon. SO WHY DO YOU THINK JOHN MCCAIN WILL DIE IN OFFICE IF HE WAS ELECTED?

Ok I'm done with my little diatribe (ooh good word. Mr. Conroy would be proud.)


Tash said...

wow a post (shiocked) and (awed).
Yes I agree.
Now please post those yummy shortbread cookie recipe before I go on a diet!

beef jerky blogger said...
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BON said...

I agree the US is in deep trouble. It's falling fast. It doesn't affect the poor; they don't have stocks and 401k's to worry about, so they are happy to have Obama, but it doesn't look good.

BTW, I love the ocean background; is it from our trip to Cancun?!

SAMMY WHAMMY ! said...

i'm sorry but your diatribe didn't have much information other than the fact that McCain's really not that old compared to your grandad.
you didnt have any other good reasons why he should have been elected in place of Obama.