Sunday, 25 May 2008

Summer Vacation

Ok so I just wanted to post a few things that I am doing for summer break since it is almost here.

1. many, many many volleyball camps
2. high school prep class
3. vbc
4. CANCUN!!!!!
5. Palm Desert
6. Lots of swimming
7. Barbeques
8. Blog Writing


Tash said...

vbc? What is that?? And how come I am not on your list? Guess that's what get too busy! There is still an open invitation if you or your sissy want to come!

beef jerky blogger said...

vbc is vacation bible camp for church. I think we will be too busy and besides, I just came last year. Mb next year when I can ride the plane myself.

samira said...

ha funny. familiar list.

i'm going to palm desert too,

when you going??

beef jerky blogger said...

august when I always go.

samsam said...

i'm going in july. so what high school prep are you going to?

i'm going to redwoods .