Tuesday, 6 January 2009

We're Open and We Have Blog Posts!

Yes Yes, I know, I have somewhat been ignoring my beloved blogger community. But can you blame me? It was the holidays and I was too busy taking long siestas (ok that one's a lie because I was too busy rushing around, but still.) Anyways, I am back from vacation and soon I will post some pics (except they are still on my dad's camera.) Well maybe I won't, we'll see. (I am very lazy about posting pics if you haven't noticed. :) ) Btw, that is not a double chin on my smiley face, that is the end of my parenthetical expression :) ) That was a double chin smiley just for you.


Tash said...

ok then get to it.

Kathy Tran said...

Lazy lazy Lauren.
Hey look! An acronym!