Saturday, 13 December 2008

Winter Break

Only one more work week (5 days) Left until winter break!!!
I am so ready for break. There is not much to say except that I am so pooped and I am so tired!!!!


Jisoo said...

hey lauren!
i didn't know you had a blog
now i know like 3 people that have blogs
no one updates except for us, huh? lol
i don't want break to comeee

Jisoo said...

oh oops wait is this lauren or paige?!

Jisoo said...

oh okay i get it now!
it's lauren's blog but paige can blog on it too
haha i'm a genius
sorry for all the comments

Tash said...

hope you have a good week. And a nice break
here its snow and bread til the 24th